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How does the filter plate expansion system of the diaphragm filter press work?
- 2021-07-29-

After the diaphragm filter press operates for a period of time, when the filter cake in the filter chamber is filled with filter cloth, the equipment will not be able to continue the solid-liquid separation operation. Therefore, when the filter cake fills the entire filter chamber, it is difficult to remove the filter cloth from the filter cloth. Therefore, the feeding system of the membrane filter press stops feeding at this moment, and the feeding hole is temporarily closed. At this moment, the filter plate expansion system of the membrane filter press will start to operate. The filter plate expansion system of the diaphragm filter press How to work? First, start the hydraulic pump, and then press the continuous hydraulic oil into the filter plate. Then, a large amount of hydraulic oil will accumulate in the hollow space of the diaphragm filter press. When the hydraulic oil continues to increase, the filter plate will outward Swell. This will cause the filter cake to be kneaded and the volume of the filter cake will decrease. At this point, the filter cake will be kneaded and excess liquid will be drained. This will greatly reduce the moisture content of the filter cake.

Diaphragm filter press equipment and commissioning process

1. The diaphragm filter press should be installed on a flat concrete foundation. The thrust plate feet at the feed end are fixed to the foundation by anchor bolts. There is no need to use anchor bolts at the end of the bracket, and there is no need to use 2 nuts for positioning and locking The machine feet can be pulled slightly by removing the anchor bolts and leaving a proper gap between the nut washers and the feet. Before the equipment, the equipment personnel should correct the straightness of the beam and the large plane of the thrust plate.

2. The foundation structure should be planned by the construction engineer according to the load of the equipment, and the anchor bolts should be filled with the reserved holes twice.

3. There should be enough space for operation and protection around the diaphragm filter press. The hydraulic filter press should choose a suitable position to place the hydraulic station to ensure the normal operation of the hydraulic station.

4. Place the filter plate according to the job requirements, and place the water inlet, cleaning and drainage pipes. It is equipped with a filter pressure display and a return channel to control the filter pressure. In the case of the diaphragm kneading type, place the compressed air line.

5. Mechanical or hydraulic compression equipment, the power to start the diaphragm filter press should work normally. When the hydraulic pressure is pressurized and pressurized, the pressure gauge should rise steadily, and the hydraulic system should have no leakage. The operating pressure of the hydraulic station should be based on the model. Adjust the size of the fuel tank. If the fuel tank is found to be insufficient after the test, it is necessary to increase the oil.