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When the pressure of the filter plate of the filter press is less than the normal number, it is forbidden to operate
- 2021-08-04-

The filter press filter plate is cloudy in the early stage of the filter press, first of all, you can debug the ordinary filter press filter plate for paper feeding operation, and you should check all the machines before each shift. In the mechanical compression drive and reduction gear Sufficient lubricant must be added to the tank; hydraulic pressure is used to check the oil storage capacity of the oil tank and the working pressure of the hydraulic station. Generally, the hydraulic oil should be replaced once a year, the hydraulic system should be kept clean, and the hydraulic station should be in operating condition. The pressure is less than that of the cylinder The working pressure is not less than the filter pressure. If it is too small, it will cause a lot of leakage and damage the machine.

Secondly, when the pressure filter plate is less than the normal number, stop the operation to avoid damage to the machine. Check the condition of the filter plate before feeding. Do not fold the filter cloth to avoid water leakage. Slurry, scrubbing fluid or compressed air valve need to be operated according to the operation procedure. Activated, not activated at the same time. The compressed air pressure during kneading should not exceed the filter pressure.

The selection of filter cloth needs to meet the technical requirements of the filter plate filter element. In this regard, the filter press works well. Before making a new filter cloth, the water should be shrunk. The diameter of the opening should be smaller than the diameter of the filter plate. When the filter plate is installed When feeding, the holes between the cloth and the holes should be relatively concentric. The fabric of the feeding hole should be close to the wall of the filter. Otherwise, the picker will be unclear and pick. Low speed, fabric damage, etc., can not achieve the expected filtering effect .

When moving the filter plate of the filter press, the force should be uniform and appropriate, and it should not be impacted to avoid damage to the sealing surface and filter wrench. After a period of use, the filter cloth will become hard and its function will be reduced. Therefore, it is considered necessary to Check regularly. If you find that the filtration rate changes, you can use the corresponding concentration of weak acid and weak alkali to neutralize and scrub. If it cannot be recovered, you can change the recovery function of the structure in time.

After it is completely normal, you can press the filter plate and filter it. The filter pressure and filter temperature must be within the normal range. If the filter pressure is too high, it will cause leakage. If the filter temperature is too high, the plastic filter plate is easily deformed. Uniform concentration and no impurities.

In the early stages of the filter press, the filter plates of the filter press are cloudy. When the filter cake forms a filter cake layer, the filtrate will become clear. If the filtrate is cloudy or mixed by washing, it may damage the holes in the plate And the hole in the plate. At this time, the valve should be closed or the replacement of the filter cloth should be stopped.