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Causes of Corrupted Filter Configurations
- 2021-07-08-

Causes of Corrupted Filter Configurations

The reasons for the attenuation of the filter configuration are as follows: A: The material of the sewage outlet of the water filter is 316L stainless steel, and the material of the sewage pipe is mostly super austenitic stainless steel. The electrode potential of the two is very high, forming a decaying battery in the seawater environment , the metal becomes ions, and the 316L stainless steel decays. b: The ions in the neutral solution act on the passivation film on the stainless steel surface of the water purifier, resulting in partial damage to the passivation film, exposing the metal part, and the metal part will rapidly dissolve in the solution. Dissolved, there are signs of decay. c, due to the difference in oxygen concentration inside and outside the pores, an oxygen concentration cell is formed. When this oxygen concentration cell is generated, the passive stainless steel sector will dissolve first, and the cathode will consume oxygen. d, where the filter leaks The oxygen content of the ion is gradually reduced, and the OH- generated by the cathode is inhibited. At this time, in order to maintain the electrical neutrality of the leak, Cl- infiltrates from the outside of the leak to form metal salts with metal ions, and the hydrolysis of the metal salts will cause the leakage The pH of the filter becomes lower, which increases the signs of decay. Since the solution in the open configuration tends to flow outside, the probability of repassivation of the filter is not high, and there will be no signs of perforation as usual in the open configuration. e, closed configuration Since it is concentrated from the outside to the inside, the pH of the solution is low, so the signs of decay continue to grow, leading to the phenomenon of decay and perforation.

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